Sunday, November 07, 2010

November Gallery Paintings

November's First Friday has come and gone. It was a wonderful evening with great music, a wonderful featured artist, and good comments on my newest works, which are tending currently toward the expressionist style. Here they are:

"Moonlight Glow"

I have had this painting in my head for a while. I'm actually thinking of doing a series on it, as I have a few other ideas along that line as well. I wrote a poem to go with it:

Moonlight Glow

Moonlight spreads gold and silver on the sea
It illumines her waves, as they sparkle with glee
Now, the sea ripples and laps at the land
The beach dares the breezes to tickle the sand
And the winds whisper to the waves to tumble and leap
Who slap at the dunes (that aren't very steep)
So Night's games go on, till, day arrives on the scene
Moon hides her glow till again she is queen.  

-- Margaret Bena Wickham 2010

The next painting was inspired by a walk through a forest, when I happened upon a lovely little copse where flowers were blooming. It was fragrant and peaceful. This is the result. 

 Woodland Garden

The next one also has a poem to go with it.
Autumn Arrives

Autumn Arrives

Autumn arrives with her retinue
Of brilliant leaves of blazing hue
Who dance their swan song in graceful flutter
Down, drifting down, the lawn to clutter
Then washed by rains, and melting snow
Will dance again when spring breezes blow 

     -- Margaret Bena Wickham 2010

Here is the final one: 

A Riot of Flowers

I'm finding that I am tending (at least right now) toward an expressionistic style of painting. I feel I'm learning a lot. Don't know if I will go back to realistic painting or not.

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