Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Gallery Paintings

December First Friday was interesting. If it had been possible, I should have been in two places at once. I spent it at Angels' Little Kisses- my friend Linda's new shop in downtown Fredericksburg. Meanwhile, the Gallery at 915 had their opening. I have currently 10 paintings at the Gallery, while I have 16 at Angel's Little Kisses. I am trying to help Linda build her traffic to her new store, so I spent the evening there. We are sort of learning as we go along about promoting the art that we have hung there.

Here are the new works at the Gallery at 915: Four are small- 8x10 and 4x6, and six are 18x24. All are acrylic on canvas, except the first one, which is on canvas board.

Here are the pictures.

This one is 18x24 and is called, simply, "Holy Family". My son asked me to paint a picture of the Cross on Calvary, so after I did that I kept thinking of trying to paint figures (which terrify me) in another religiously inspired painting. This was the result. The figures are deliberately painted without faces - as I have no idea what Mary, Joseph and the Babe looked like. The focus is not on their faces, but the event that the figures symbolize.

In that same vein, at church one day I saw an icon painting that our Pastor did of Miriam (Moses' sister). I had just painted a background for my next painting. All of a sudden I could see it as a background for a painting of Miriam and Moses. So I painted it as I visualized it. This one is 18x24 inches.

This one is called "Roses, Roses". I painted this one because when I did the background, it seemed like I could see a garden of some sorts in the distance. So I went with that. It just developed into a whole lot of roses.

Two of the paintings are paintings left in the show from last month: "Moonlight Glow" and "A Riot Of Flowers". The file in a sixth painting got corrupted and I need to retake it when I go to the gallery next week. It's 18x24 in size.

There are four smaller abstract paintings: The first three are in a series of abstracts. They are 8x10 inches.

The fourth small painting is 8x6 inches. 

I have also been painting gifts for my family, which I will post later this month.