Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Gorgeous collection on ArtFire!  Check it out- amazing color, I think I have found a favorite and then I see the next one and that's my new favorite lol. 

Bold Expressions curated by walkinthewoodsllc on

Monday, May 06, 2013

Finally- Paintings of England and Israel

Finally, I am starting to paint from the many MANY photos Joel and I took when we visited This month at Brush Strokes Gallery, I have two large paintings that I am showing. Please stop by and take a look, as the paintings themselves always look much better than the photographs of them.

This first painting is of Scarborough Lighthouse in Scarborough, England. It is near York. We stopped there to walk around and enjoy the beach, which was clearing of people so they could go home to supper.

In Israel, one of the places we visited was the amphitheater and the Roman aqueduct ruins at Caesarea Maritima. The "earth" shows up in the photo as more yellow than the painting itself.

New Work in the Gallery

A lot has happened in the last year or so. In March of lasts year, I became a member of Brush Strokes Gallery. Brush Strokes is a co-operative gallery. Members may show their a couple of their pieces each month.Here are some of the newer pieces I've shown:

For some months, the gallery will have a "theme". In February of this year, the theme was "Earth In Focus".  I created four works to go with this theme, all related to the history of Earth's development. The first, above, is called "Planetary Couple. It might be a planet and a moon, two planets.  There is  light glaze of metallic gold paint that does not show well in this photograph. In the photo it tends to look kind of like dirt- but it looks much nicer in person. 

This is the second in the series. It is "Earth Metamorphis"  I wanted to create a close up of the molten lava state of earth's development.

"Eternal Sea' represents that period when the Earth was covered with ocean. It is my favorite of the four pieces. The fourth piece I have not been able to photograph very well at all- will keep trying. It is of the very beginning of earth's ice age stage, and is titled "Ice Age Begins!". 

This painting began when I painted three paintings of birds.  I kept them for a long time, not sure if I should frame them separately or together, or what. I liked them all together, so eventually I found a frame that "fit" them, and then went about thinking about the rest of the presentation of this trio. I decided to mount them onto a fabric covered plywood board, A bit of the background is painted to carry the "sunrise" theme a bit further.