Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photo Animations-- not quite a video... but fun anyway

Several years ago, my daughter in law sent me two pictures of my darling granddaughter who had gotten into her mom's make up. I got the idea to try to make an animation out of them, and this was the result.

Then, a year or two later, I had taken several pictures of the same granddaughter on a mini- merry-go-round (while her Mom was in the hospital having a new sister for her). I decided to play with them to preserve the memory better. 

This was the result of that effort:

Then, when her sister grew a bit, I made some of her as a month old baby - I will upload one if I can find one but at this point they seem to have gotten lost in a hard drive crash of a few years ago :-(. )

I did make this one of the two of them later that year:

I made this one just because I wanted to make something different, that might comfort others. I had taken this photo several years before, and thought it was the perfect image for the verse from the 23rd Psalm.

And finally, my younger granddaughter did make it into an animation (that I still can find) (we live 2500 miles apart so it's difficult to get photos that will "work" but I finally had some good ones.

One final one: this is one of my sons after getting on the outside of a HUGE ice cream sundae that he was kind of thinking even he, with his vast appetite, might be bested by.

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