Monday, February 04, 2008

Another Twist In The Road.... Like-- Cross Country?

Well, I WAS doing great getting "My Personal Assistant" going-- but then, Joel lost his contract job in South Carolina (that was good news, believe me!) Then, in his search for the next job, he found one-- but it was 2500 miles away-- in San Jose California.... so I had to decide if I would let him commute from so far away or go with him. I went with him. We left North Carolina December 26th, and got here to San Jose January 1st, stopping for two days to see our son, daughter in law and grandchildren in Los Angeles along the way.

Several people have asked if I am going to start a new "My Personal Assistant" and no, I am not. First of all, Joel has just agreed to work at this job for a year, and he does not want to retire in California. Second of all, I decided I have always wanted to paint. So-- that is what I am going to do. So watch this space for my painting pursuits and results. I will post pictures, I promise!

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