Thursday, October 18, 2007

My new company-- My Personal Assistant!

It's been a long time since I've written in this blog, but my excuse is: I've been a busy gal!! Here's what's been going on this year alone:

In January, 2007, I started a small business as a "Concierge". I help seniors and disabled people with tasks that help delay having to move to an assisted living facility. I say "If it's not illegal or immoral, and you need help with it, I'm there!"

In February, I became involved with a group called "MOMS-I.N.C." (Moms Improving Nutrition For Children). The goal of this group is to get schools to eliminate sugar and trans fat from school lunches. I am the webmaster of the MOMS-I.N.C. website.

In March, I started a craft group in my home that is a great source of inspiration, skills transfer for all our members, as well as so much fun in terms of getting together with some great people!
In May I was the North Carolina Delegate for The Daughters Of The British Empire, in Long Beach, California. It was soooo much fun!

In August, I joined a "Business Networking International" group close by in Cary, North Carolina. What a great group of people!

In September, a friend took me to a "Cary Leads Group" which is another group whose purpose is to help small businesses with business referrals.

Today, October 18, I signed up to be a Melaleuca representative. I am so excited! The products are awesome, and ecologically and as far as biologically less harmful, so far beyond what is out on store shelves! Can it get any better?? Contact me for more information about this great company, and awesome products.

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